WIRELESS Concrete sensor
strength and temperature monitoring


What makes the SmartRock™ so smart


In three simple steps, the SmartRock™ can be set up on any construction jobsite.


Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring has never been easier, thanks to the fully wireless SmartRock™ sensor that can be embedded in concrete.


With a free mobile app for iOS and Android, users can connect to the SmartRock™ from their phones or tablets.

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The SmartRock™ Wireless Concrete Sensor

SmartRock™ is a rugged and waterproof wireless sensor for monitoring the strength and temperature of concrete.

SmartRock™ is installed on the steel reinforcement before the concrete is cast. After pouring, the SmartRock™ will immediately begin monitoring the temperature of the concrete. Temperature measurements are continuously recorded and the results can be downloaded anytime using the SmartRock™ app.

Continuous monitoring of the concrete temperature can be used as a QC/QA method as well as maturity-based strength prediction. The field monitoring of real-time concrete strength can also help with optimising the formwork removal time, application of load on the structure, as well as adjusting the curing temperature of concrete on site.

  • Instant Bluetooth connection

  • Continuous temperature measurements

  • Access to real-time values of concrete temperature, maturity and strength

  • Download, view and share the results

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